All TVPRO products come with a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty, which is handled solely by

the reseller you purchase from. TVPRO does not fulfil our 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty directly.

In certain regions where an extended warranty period is a legal requirement this shall be the

responsibility of the reseller you purchase from. 

All our TVPRO Authorized Resellers are actively monitored to ensure they provide the correct

warranty policy in their region. Our TVPRO Authorized Resellers are responsible to provide the

appropriate R.M.A service (repairs and replacements) exclusively for customers that purchase

directly from them.

We strongly advise customers to only purchase from TVPRO Authorized Resellers who we can

guarantee will service our 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranty is void if product has been modified, altered, rooted or repaired without prior authorization